Company Profile

EHOME IMPROVEMENT CENTER is your DIY and hardware depot, providing total solutions to your construction and home improvement needs. Bringing one family's legacy to your homes.

  • what we do

    For most consumers, their home is the biggest financial and emotional investment they make. Through a variety of innovative products and services, EHome Improvement Center’s goal is to help consumers build the home of their dreams. In addition, EHIC offers specialized support and services for homeowners and contractors with a team of highly competent and well-trained sales consultants. The store inventory consist of up to 15,000 different kinds of building materials, bathroom and plumbing products, tiles, home improvement supplies, appliances and lawn and garden products for all customers needs. And if for some reason you can’t find it in the store, we can order it for you. EHome Improvement Center is located at Sta. Cruz, Laguna, the administrative center of the province of Laguna south of Manila. Sta. Cruz is considered as the commercial hub of 20 neighboring municipalities and one of the major food producers of the region. Its proximity to Rizal and Quezon provinces has put EHIC in a strategic position as it straddles the Manila, Batangas, Quezon growth triangle. EHome Improvement Center started in November 28, 2005 as a DIY and home improvement store with the focus of servicing the needs of homeowners, OFW, real estate developers and local business establishments.

    Our sales representative/consultant assisted by our pool of in house experienced architects, contractors, electricians, plumbers, carpenter and master masons are ready to provide its prospective clients the most satisfying solution to their construction.


    In November 2009, Sta. Cruz Joy Enterprises (now EHome Express) an affiliate of EHome Improvement Center became a humanitarian partner of International Organization for Migration or IOM in the distribution of shelter and family kits for typhoon Ondoy victims in different towns of Laguna and Rizal provinces.

    In February 2010, EHome Improvement Center also became a partner and service provider of the Philippine National Red Cross and Habitat for Humanity in distributing construction materials for its transitional shelter project, also in the province of Laguna, Rizal province, Quezon City and Manila.

  • our MISSION

    EHome commits to provide customer- oriented, innovative and quality products and services delighting its customers and patrons.

  • our core values

    Along with our quality products, services, price and selection, we must go the extra mile to give customers knowledgeable advice about merchandise and to help them use those products to their maximum benefit. Service that satisfies and delights customers first at all times.
    • not simply reacting to situation but preventing mistakes and doing ahead
    • competing through continuous improvement, innovation and openness to change for the better
    • nurturing not only the body and the mind but also the soul • spiritually mature as shown in our faith in God and good Christian living
    • where work is fulfilling experience that brings out inner joy for everyone else to see
    • aims at mastering one’s skill and consistency in giving the best service
    • where making profits does not compromise our business relation with customers
    • always striving to make ourselves the most preferred business partners 
    • highly skilled, high morale, peak performing personnel 
    • using the best technology available in the business to enhance one’s capacity to be of service 
    • EHIC associates are encouraged to initiate creative and innovative ways of serving our customers and improving the business and to spread best practices throughout the company.

  • Awesome Reports

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